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The Broker is a professional, signed in the appropriate register (the “B” section of RUI, established with D. lgl n. 209, September 7, 2005 and governed by regulation ISVAP nr. 5 The October 16 2006), that connects its customers, public or private, with the insurance market in order to give solutions and coverage to the risks associated to their activity.

The Broker works for the sake of his Customers, finding high quality insurance solutions, operating both in the national and international market. The broker authority  legitimates the role of the broker during his activity on behalf of his customers with the Insurance Companies.


  • risk analysis and risk management;
  • check and monitoring of insurance coverages;
  • development and management of national and international insurance programs;
  • selection of advanced insurance products on the national and international market;
  • strong relationship with all main Insurance Companies;
  • issuing of new insurance contracts and renewals;
  • innovative home-broking area, “MyWide” always updated and available with just a click;
  • claims handling and managemement.




    Loss Adjusting is a key element in any claim settlement:

    the task of the adjuster is not only to trace the parties responsibilities, but also to calculate the damage.

    Wide Group works together with professional loss adjusters that Companies trust and that have special consideration for the insured party and its risks


    SIR is defined as the monetary amount that the insured must pay before any insurance company will respond to a loss.
    The Insured will have a considerable economic benefit in terms of Premium reduction due to the exclusion of admin-costs and calims’reserves for the Insurance Company.

    Prior to considering the use of SIR, the insured will need to analyse their own efficiency in the full management of any claim. Based on this need, Wide Group offers a SIR service which includes expert, legal and coroner services, all managed through a dedicated technological operating system.


    Supporting the traditional insurance offer with new proactive instruments, allows us to provide a broad and complete Risk Management Service.

    Wide Group offer strategic consultancy to all our customers and partners, regarding any products available in the market which can prevent and limit the possibility of a claim: active risk management.


    A survey of the pure risks involved in extraordinary transaction (acquisitions, mergers, IPO, etc.). Detailed analysis of all active insurance policies in order to properly assess any financial or operating impact on investment.

    Wide Group develops this punctual and complex activity along with other advisory teams involved in all transactions (legal,
    accounting, fiscal, etc…).


    A snapshot on the effective level of coverage, it allows us to identify any possible inconsistencies and contradictions between real risks and contracted insurance policies.
    An important tool to assess the suitability of all insurance decisions in terms of product solidity, costs optimization and service qualit


    Precise insured items valuation is essential to obtain a suitable insurance coverage.

    Moreover, reliable appraisals are crucial when dealing with a claim settlement.

    Wide Group has been cooperating, with specialized and independent advisors, to offer appraisals that are highly valued
    by all main national and international insurance companies.