We protect companies operating in atypical sectors, such as the space industry, which may therefore need insurance solutions for commercial space activities and policies for satellites. We also protect airlines, pilots and crews, and aircraft manufacturers, with insurance policies specifically structured for the aviation sector, including unmanned aerial vehicles.
Another area subject to high variability, changing needs and very different risks is that related to sports and entertainment. Our sports insurance policies are developed to respond to this multiplicity of needs with modular products. Not only personal insurance for sports injuries, but also coverage for individuals and entities involved in the organization of events, which may be cancelled, as well as in typically seasonal activities such as skiing. In fact, we are suppliers of insurance coverage for cable transport services thus supporting licensees and owners of ski lifts.
We know how to manage special risks associated with ordinary and extraordinary operations of companies with special insurance coverage, such as Warranty & Indemnity, Transactional Insurance – Specific Risks, Tax Liabilities, and Litigation buyout. For anything beyond the ordinary, we have extraordinary solutions.

Special Risks


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