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For us, the only risk
is not to risk.


A wave of passion
and innovation

Protection designer

In Wide Group the broker is much more than a broker.
He is not an insurer, not an agent, not an employee of an insurance company nor an insurance vending machine.
In Wide Group the broker does not work for himself, but for the client and with the client.
He is a knowledgeable, intuitive and empathic professional who works to protect the interests of another person, company, organization or institution.
He is a consultant that can find tailor-made insurance solutions, from the simpliest to the most complex ones, for any market: the best solutions, at the best prices.

He is a protection designer whom first and most important earnig is the most complete, long-lasting and affordable protection of the client. In Wide Group the broker is a trusted man: he uses his head and knowledge, he puts his face on his brave choices, he walks on his own legs, he works with his heart, he is pushed by his passion.


  • Selection

    Selection of the best insurance products available on the national and international market through digital tools entirely developed in-house.

  • Planning

    Planning of the best insurance coverage in terms of cost-benefit ratio and quality of the protection.

  • Relationship

    Building and strengthening the relationship with insurance companies, consulting and general management of the client.

  • Management

    Monitoring risk and insurance policies, managing claims and complaints.

Our values

  • Preparation

    Our background includes exemplary success stories.

  • Initiative

    We know the global market, which is why we can anticipate trends and events.

  • Dynamism

    We believe in technological innovation and in the power of sharing experience.

  • Punctuality

    Because a real need has no time to waste.

  • Transparency

    Ethics guide our commitment and our daily relationship with customers.

  • Concreteness

    Pragmatism is the prelude to a quality result.

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