Create, grow, evolve: this is our mantra.
For us Wide means constant progress.

Our magnetic field is intense: it attracts, it infuses, it catches.

Thanks to our dynamism in only a few years important insurance brokerage firms have joined our company, bringing with them history, know-how and passion; but it is only thanks to our teamwork that we manage to advance every day.

The present of Wide is a challenge to win, the future a new horizon to conquer.
  • Rome office opened

    the Insurance branch of ARIB, part of the Alliance Group, joins the Group

  • Growth of the Milano offices

    CEBI joins the Group

  • Growth of the Milano offices

    ABPA joins the Group

  • Pragma Risk joins the Group

  • Reggio Emilia office opened

    Ronzoni & P. Spa joins the Group

  • Brescia office opened

    Centro K Srl joins the Group

  • Verona office opened

    East Broker Srl joins the Group

  • Growth of the Milano offices

    Sibas Srl joins the Group

  • Padova office opened

    Studio 44 Srl joins the Group

  • Wide group was born with offices in Bolzano, Bologna, Milan, Treviso and Biella

    Eurobroker Srl (BZ), BrokerStudio Srl (BO and MI) and Venice Brokers Srl (TV) created Wide Group


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