About us

We are committed to the continuous pursuit of technological progress.
We seek simplicity in complexity, developing continuously evolving systems, aimed at providing excellent service.

We are a group of professionals that insure every day the highest level of protection to people who want to overcome their boundaries and who dare to get always and only the best from themselves and their activities. Thanks to an expertise on a global scale, we are skilled in several specialties and we can offer exclusive insurance products that allow our brokers to stand out for variety and quality of the offer and that allow our clients to receive the best coverage in the market.

This makes us the future of insurance brokerage: a wave of passion and innovation.

A matter of chemistry
(and mechanics)

  • A perfect fit

    Every day we transfer thousands of risks to the insurance market.
    We are structured to have the strength of a big group and to be a machine that moves quickly and efficiently, thanks to the precise functioning of the inner workings that are part of it.

  • Chemistry

    Work, processes, professionals, everything is structured to make our clients safer and able to overcome unexpected events. Everything works thanks to mechanics, but everything grows thanks to chemistry: what we have among the people that every day collaborate in our company, what makes WIDE our teamwork.

Our Insurance Managers analyze the risks and get quotations on the market, so as to find the best insurance solutions for our customers’ needs.

Marketplace, our “technical heart”, supports Insurance Managers and directly manages complex risks, operating on the national and international insurance market.

When a risk becomes real, Claim activates and makes the insurance promised refund real.

The Operation Officer interfaces with Marketplace for the management of insurance instruments and works alongside the Insurance Managers to ensure timely support to all customers.

IT and Data Science analyze, develop and manage the technological infrastructure and in-house digital platforms in order to improve the efficiency of our work and the quality of our service to customers and brokers.

Compliance grants that our business respects the sector regulations and promotes a culture of transparency, legality and safety.

Administration deals with the company’s finances and it gives a healthy Management Control.

Our image is managed by Marketing, which is in charge of the visual identity of our company as well as all internal and external communications.

Innovation is in charge of the continuous improvement of systems and processes, favoring the development of a more agile and effective organization able to deal with increasingly digitized customers.

Business Development supports the sales structure and network, for the purpose of achieving an ever larger market share.

Customer Care provides advice and support services always aiming at customer satisfaction.

HR takes care of our most precious resource: people.

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Not just insurance brokerage

A snapshot of the actual level of coverage with the goal of identifying possible anomalies or inconsistencies between actual risks and stipulated contracts. The tool evaluates the suitability of the insurance coverage stipulated, possible cost optimizations, and service quality.


We provide a complete Risk Management service because we integrate traditional insurance management with new pro-active tools in risk management. We provide customers and intermediaries with strategic advice on products that prevent, mitigate, or limit the possibility of damage: this is active risk management.


A SIR is an amount specified in a liability insurance policy that must be paid by the insured for each claim and results in a discount on the premium paid (decreased claim management costs and claims reserves for the Companies).
The Insured’s decision to include a SIR starts from the assumption that they are able to efficiently and effectively manage the damage settlement process on his own.
We offer a SIR Management Service with solid structural and specialist skills, as well as expert, legal and medical-legal, organizational, management and IT services.


Insurance appraisals are essential in the settlement of compensation: the adjuster must reconstruct the liabilities of the parties involved and quantify the damage. We work alongside appraisers recognized by the main companies, loss adjusting experts very familiar with the risks and responsibilities of policyholders and insurance companies.


A proper assessment of the assets to be insured is the first step in guaranteeing an adequate level of coverage. A reliable estimate is also a crucial tool in calculating compensation in the event of a claim. Aware of the importance of a precise estimate both in the contractual phase and following a claim, we collaborate with professional and independent advisors to offer accurate assessments.


The investigation, audit, or review conducted to confirm the actual risks that arise in case of extraordinary transactions (acquisition, merger, listing on the stock exchange, etc.). This activity is aimed at evaluating the consistency of insurance contracts with the identified risks, the company’s exposure, and the financial and operational impacts on the investment. It is a complex and precise activity that we carry out in synergy with other advisory teams (professionals in the legal, tax, etc. sectors).

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